• Apr192019

    #KartiniOE : Charina Prinandita

    Charina Prinandita I feel like I can achieve more, but I have enough with my life right now, so I’m…

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  • Apr182019

    #KartiniOE : Tiara Pangestika

    Tiara Pangestika It’s time for women to break the stigma and empower each other. Di balik kesuksesan 5 bisnis yang…

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  • Apr162019

    #KartiniOE : Shellen Halim

    Shellen Halim My employee inspires me. Tahun 2014, Shellen Halim bersama seorang partner membangun sebuah bisnis yang pada saat itu…

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  • Apr152019

    #KartiniOE : Dayu Dara

    Dayu Dara Women: It’s always possible to achieve both Dayu Dara Permata pertama kali diajak untuk bergabung dengan GO-JEK oleh…

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  • Feb042019

    Horoscope Forecast: The year of The Pig

    Reveal What the New Year Brings You Welcoming the Year of The Pig means new opportunity and opened doors. Don’t…

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  • Nov192018

    #OEtalks: How Oemah Etnik Links Small Local Craftsmen to International Market

    It’s time for us to share our story. A story that hopefully will rise your awareness and love for Indonesia’s…

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  • Oct212018

    Marcella Pranovia and Knowing Herself Through Golf

    “My dad took me to the driving range, and I started practicing when I was 10. It kinda stucked; everyone…

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  • Jul272018

    People Behind OE: A Story Worth Telling

    As part of our intent to become more than just a fashion label, we also want to be part of…

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  • Jun152018

    #OETalks: When Words Meet Soul

    For this Ramadhan, we not only want to refresh your wardrobe by giving you a new series of Raya but…

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  • May022018

    Destinations in Indonesia That Should be Visited at Least Once In a Lifetime

    As a traveler, Vesta has been exploring diverse places that became popular destinations for many people. Nonetheless, we curious about…

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