As you know that choker is a neck accessory that can give your look more stylish than ever. A simple outfit can switch into an extraordinary look after you add with a choker, right? Especially with our choker collections that entirely made from Indonesian Batik and Tenun fabrics will flourish your look even more. Apart from that, a choker can use as any other accessories if you transform it into different types based on your interest and personal style.

Tosca Rahiti Choker


Timur Tenun Choker

Today, we’re up to show you some different styling of our two chokers, Tosca Rahiti Choker and Timur Tenun Choker, and wear it not only as a choker.

  1. Show the rest part of your choker to the front
Pictures Source: Pinterest

Simply wear it as the usual choker, yet, turn over the back part as the front! “Sporty high-tie”, “side-tie western”, “looped jabot”, and “stock tie” is the styles. Yes, you can embezzle the style of your choker as freely as you want.

  1. Use it under your collar
Pictures Source: Pinterest

Not only for your neck, this can be your ‘other’ way to create a statement for your whole look. By wearing it under your collar, your choker will give a new and different dimension of unique accessory.

  1. Headpiece
Pictures Source: Pinterest

Since the chosen choker has more lengths than the others, then it can be your headpiece such as a bandana.

Play around with your choker as if it’s not just an ordinary choker. Fashion is all about creativity and expressing your ideas. You can see the other types of chokers that we have and go directly buy! Click here.

Have some fun with your choker!