What’s better than the emerging trends of this month’s season?

We easily distracted by all of the current trends that change in a split of a second and that is why it is crucial for you to know how to manage your stuff as well as being a smart shopper.

Hence, for this article, we arranged some of the stuff along with its tips on how to manage this month’s season so that you can conquer. And yes, not only fashion advice also with general do(s) that you can adjust based on your needs.


Oh before we start, did you all know this month’s season is? Yes, it’s summer!

For those of you who haven’t know that summer in Indonesia will approximately start from June to August, chiefly in Jakarta. However, along the way, when summer hits Indonesia, the rainy season will also come on the sidelines during summer. And that’s how you deal with tropical island notably Indonesia.


First thing first is our tips on how to heat your day during this hot and somewhat breezy season:

  1. Never miss a day with your sun cream and or sunscreen to protect your skin
  2. Hydrate yourself with drink tons of mineral water! Besides, it is also good for your skin
  3. Loose and relaxed silhouette of clothes is a must! Not only comfortable it can create an airy and cold sensation on a hot day
  4. Don’t exert on yourselves on a sunny day because it can drain your energy right away. Indoor activities (such as exercise) to maintain your energy in a stable condition
  5. Eat healthy food such as smoothie bowls, juices, or salads. And a scoop of ice cream, perhaps? As an extra credit for yourselves!

As shown on the title, we will bring up some list of essentials that you can use and wear in summer. Sit back, own, and fathom it!


  1. The Sundresses

A perfect dress for you to wear in summer.

Comes with lots of types and silhouettes, this dress will be your friendly piece during your day-to-day activities. Printed, flare, ruffle, or even see-through dresses are available! Here are some of our favorite sundresses that you can bench it as your references.

Source: Pinterest

A very much needed dresses for you with all of the flare and relaxed silhouette which suitable for the hot weather. Play around with a pattern to give you more the summer vibes just like this Pink Wira Batik Dress from our Pink Batik Series!


  1. Tote or Straw Bag

Who doesn’t know this tote and straw bag? Nowadays, lots of people start to wear this kind of bag right? And yes, they both make a come back especially the straw back!

Source: Pinterest

Besides both bags is easy to use, it can also enhance your style due to the easy and light appearance that will give you this edginess into your look. You can get this type of bags anywhere!

And yes, we have a tote bag from our newest collaboration with Manikan, Black Tabanan Tenun Tote Bag. Own your look with statement accessory of a bag!


  1. Updated Basics

Apart from seeking lightweight materials for clothes in the summer, you can play around with your old clothes by wear it in different ways. For instance, you can wear a button shirt by pulling back to the backside such as the pictures below, play with bright colors into your basics to create a playful vibe, or maybe you can adjust your pieces to create new silhouettes! Such a fun way to boost your summer style.

Source: Pinterest

We have this special pick for your updated basics that you can play it around into outer, yes our Purple Tie dye Cello Batik Top to the rescue!


  1. Print on Print

Nothing’s better than using print on print on this summer day! Here we give you some of the references which later you can steal the looks. Feel free to mix and match your printed items, yet you have to be very smart and careful in order to create a decent look of full prints. Just make sure to keep it proper and don’t put lots of patterns in one look!

Source: Pinterest

We have this Rasamala Tenun Top for you to heat the prints this summer.


  1. Layer Skirt
Source: Pinterest

Another layering game strong! You know that fashion has no wrong and right so using two skirts is not a mistake at all! Or you can try Blue Black Gatri Tenun Skirt that comes with two different styles of fabrics. Try it on and feel the layer of confidence!