Around The World with #peoplewearOemahEtnik

Around The World with #peoplewearOemahEtnik
05/08/2019 oemah etnik
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We are so inspired whenever we see girls wear their Oemah Etnik’s pieces, especially when traveling.
It’s enlightening to see how they style it and took our pieces to around the world!
Here are this week’s recap of The Best of #peoplewearOemahEtnik, wanderlust edition.
Singapore with Andra Alodita in Hagia tenun dress from Jeda series
Hong Kong with Dey Fitria in Padma batik skirt from Nityasa series

Paris with Nadya Julia in Papuma tenun top and Drini tenun skirt from Banda series

Tokyo with Rizki Triana in Kesari tenun top and Drini tenun skirt from Banda series

Austria with Djamillah in Dayu batik pants from Nityasa series

Yogyakarta with Kanty Widjaya in Nusa tenun top and Mentawai batik pants from Lasem series

Bali with Sabrina Utomo in Nusa batik top from Lasem series

Sumba with Sharon in Liu tenun obi from Accessories collection

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