Who doesn’t enjoy wearing casual outfit especially in this summer season?

Hence, we will present to you three outfits that you can lift throughout your day-to-day activities, whether for hangouts, date, or even a school outfit.

As you might know and see that nowadays people tend to wear Batik and Tenun for their daily outfit, which you can do the same thing!

Here here, pay some attention to the following references so you can earn the idea of wearing contemporary items for your casual attire.


RED MENTAWAI BATIK PANTS, that you can pair it with one specific statement and for now we chose Denim to enhance the overall casual look.

You can definitely wear a basic top such as collar shirt alongside with a matching shoe with your top’s color (another denim would be splendid!).

As for the bag, you should try using an eye-catching and unique bag to pop-up your whole look.


DUSTY LOVINA BATIK SKIRT, a feminine way to start off your casual attire with this toned-down color. Mix and match with a flare tank top with detailing to enhance your style just like the references.

Or you can wear a simple plain tank top but make sure to pair with a statement bag such as this straw back that has been the trend for this season. As for the shoe, you can wear light gladiator sandals to make it more prodigious look. Embrace your inner femininity with this peach colored skirt!


Last but not least, RED LESUNG BATIK OUTER, an outer that can be either formal or casual which you can style it on your own.

But for now, since we want to embark on a casual style, then we chose this maroon pants that match with the outer. Paired it with a backpack and sneakers to give it an edgy vibe into your look. You can surely wear this style to college don’t you think so?