Javanese art and cultural heritage are consistently carried out by the relatives of the place, which make it so authentic and characteristic. As for the fabrics, Javanese have tons of names and the most favored Batik. Hence, we embrace and ratify our interest towards Batik by accomplished it through our collections.

According to the mythology of Javanese society, each motif has own meaning and philosophy that refers to elements of nature.

For now, Javanese Batik motifs grow and develop in various regions. Among the famous places, we captivated with this magnificent motif that came from Cirebon, which later turned into our beautiful piece ready-to-wear collection.

We currently use batik stamped that made from the hand of skillful and soulful craftsmen with good quality, because we always thrive more trait of out batik products.

Batik Cirebon is one of the oldest Batik in Java land that has existed since ancient kingdom and becomes part of the palace essential. Not only the delicate motif and quality, this fabric tells you more than just the charming appearance because it has strong values and meanings. Hence, we turn this dazzling fabric into one of our series. This fabric has lots of color choices that will hook your attention.

Batik Cirebon has own distinctive style that forms the lines of clouds with an oval shape, taper, and triangle, which differs from the Chinese motif cloud line with a circle shape.

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