Coming back for more with accessories picks from the editor!


As for now, we chose these accessories focusing for your Lasem Series items to enhance your overall look. Moreover, the picked ones are the updated items which we will put some references to this month’s trend so that you can get a clear understanding.


Why Lasem and accessories? Because there’s nothing like this before and we are so content and excited at the same time to bolster these accessories! Apart from that, these accessories can both elevate your look along with Indonesian pride. Isn’t that great?


Without further ado, let’s hop into the topic!


This “new kid on the block” in our latest collaboration with Manikan, Black Tabanan Tenun Tote Bag, a slick and dapper bag that will upscale your look. This bag comes with black color along with intricate obi detail on the front.

Source: Pinterest

Thus, it will give a jazzy vibe into your look with a simple yet sophisticated style of the bag. Just look at how stunning the combination of a tote bag with a simple or basic top such as Nusa Batik Top that we have two colors of Red and Brown. Shop the tote bag here!


Next is our favorite accessory with the highest demand in the market, Obi, a must-have accessory to save the tendency of lazy when it comes to mix and match. We chose this Brown and Red Saroke Batik Obi with a sleek format, however, followed with the exquisite fabric of Lasem.

Source: Pinterest

A pair of jeans and white tee can be more than just a “basic” outfit when you add it with Obi. Try it and have some fun with Obi!


Lastly is another brand-new choker from Lasem Series, oh and also with a now color of yellow! This choker will give you stylish look due to the back bow accent, in a way that you can use it freely not only on the back.

Source: Pinterest

You can also wear this Yellow Sanur Batik Choker as your bandana, obi, belt, or even tie up on your bag to make a statement accessory! A fun and creative item that you can play it around as you like and preferences. Have your own Sanur Choker or you’ll regret it afterward.