• Sep012019

    Summer Destinations Packing Hacks!

    With this cheat you’ll never have to hate packing again. See, if you’re planning to travel to somewhere summer-y, always…

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  • Aug052019

    Around The World with #peoplewearOemahEtnik

    We are so inspired whenever we see girls wear their Oemah Etnik’s pieces, especially when traveling. It’s enlightening to see…

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  • May132019

    Asian Invasion: Stripes are in!

    Nothing transcends seasons more seamlessly than stripes. From red carpet to street style, it’s back and even bolder this season. Classy…

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  • Nov042018

    5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Monochromatic Pieces

    Often we forget how easy to style monochromatic pieces are. It’s also super easy to find in the market. Here…

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  • Aug312018

    How to Seize and Own Your Personal Style

    To close this month and also as part of your fashion reflection in relevant with the previous articles, here we…

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  • Aug272018

    Must-Have This Week: Multi-Way Items

    One piece, endless styles!   A very much-needed insight chiefly for those of you who seek with efficient and effortless…

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  • Aug202018

    3 Style Investments to End This Month

    Have you cleaned out your closet? If not, then you should though so that you can add new items inside!…

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  • Aug172018

    Nifty with These Brown Pieces

    Before we start, on behalf of Oemah Etnik team we would like to say Happy Independence Day of Indonesia! Anyway,…

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  • Aug132018

    Picks For You to Wear on the Summer Heat With Lasem Series!

    What’s better than summer outfits in our beloved city?   We live on a tropical island where lightweight and breezy…

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  • Aug102018

    Best Accessories To Complement Your Lasem Look

    Coming back for more with accessories picks from the editor!   As for now, we chose these accessories focusing for…

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