Christmas may be a couple weeks ahead, but surely you can jump start to the fun part: Gift Hunting! Here are a couple of ideas that might inspire you.

1) Tam Illi Bags

Your sister or your mom will love this! Pick the festive colors like green or red to match the festive season!

2) OE’s Bian Tenun Dress & Tenun Obi

Perfect to gift your very best-friend! The complimentary tenun obi will add more value to the dress.

3) Constellation Necklace

It’s very personal, it’s dainty, and it’s definitely memorable. Who’ll love this gift? Everyone in the family!

4) OE’s Lingga Tenun Shirt

Running out of ideas to gift your bros? Worry not, add this Lingga tenun shirt to cart now!

5) Glossier Minis

A little bit of self-gifting won’t hurt! 😉