Today we’re going to talk about the power of colors that can affect your mood throughout the day.

Hence we will spell out towards colors and your preference of style that relate one to another. We listed seven colors that mostly seen, well might as well the listed colors are your favorite.

So prepare yourself and discover it on your own!



You are mysterious, elegance, serious, dignified, sophisticated, and reflects formality. This color considered as one of the versatile colors since you can mix and match a black color with any other colors.

For some reasons, black color can enhance strong, classic, and appealing vibes at the same time. Thus, you can never go wrong with black. Here some our picks for those of you who seek for a black colored outfit, Loka Tenun Top.



Calm and loyal, yes it’s you! This under-toned color that we’re pretty sure lots of people does enjoy this color as well, blue, known as a color that has this safety and comfy vibes. For those of you who love this color then you are trustworthy, balance, positive thinker, and filled with joy. Embrace those inner positive personalities by wearing something blue to complete your day; here we picked you some of our favorite, Blue Celo Kimono.



Feminine, girly, and elegant is something that you like. You also are known as a person with the kind, loving, and generous personality which people adore you too much! Moreover, you are also sensitive, romantic, and a deep thinker. As for the outfit, pink commonly comes with the girly silhouette, which will enhance your femininity even more. So here are some of our pick for you to elevate those indispensable, Sindra Batik Top.



A color that symbolizes sensuality, bold, strength, independent, aggressive, and outgoing. For the outfit, red frequently seen on formal occasion and comes in different hues, light to dark. You will look outrageously eye-catching in a red outfit yet you personally like to be the spotlight in everything. And here some of our red colored items that you can be the star of it while wearing it, Maratua Batik Set.



You are fastidious, caring, and unique as well. For you who like a purple color, you want to be standout by being eccentric in a way. Apart from that, you considered humble and subtle with others. A fun way to wear a purple color in your outfit is to create the trend of color blocking that will enhance the youthful spirit! We picked you some of our items, to fulfill your day-to-day attire, Purple Apron Batik Top.



Friendly, charm, fun, happy, wisdom that full of imagination. A color that brings joyous feels to others. Whenever you hear yellow, what comes on your mind would be a happy and fun kind of stuff. We chose these exceptional items from one of our collections to boost your look to be more stylish like never before with Fatima & Nada Tenun Set.



A fresh, earthy themed, and balance color that reflects its hue of gentle and modest vibes into your daily outfit. Green also represents hope, sincere, and peace. Chiefly, when you wear green color in your outfits, then you will look as fresh as it can. You can look sophisticated as well in green by choosing the toned-down green such as olive green since it can advance your formal look in just a second. Here some of our favorite items that comes with a splash of green color for you to have, Clay Batik Pants.