Dapper Details on Men’s Collection

Dapper Details on Men’s Collection
24/11/2019 oemah etnik
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With the launch of our second men’s line, it’s about time to discuss crowd’s favorite details! Are you ready? Here they are!

1) Collarless 

We’ve explore a more modern side of mens shirt and found that collarless detail adds point to it. But, if you’re looking for formal touch, you can always opt for shirt collar tops. We have them all!
2) Rounded pleats
From time to time, OE have featured this signature detail on many of our collection, especially womens line. Why not putting it on mens collection too? Find this detail on shirts that add uniqueness to your look.
3) Faux pocket
Sorry to disappoint, but these are faux pockets. But! This adds better touch of dapperness to your shirt. It’s sleek, it’s small-but-significant, it’s perfect for daily ensemble.
4) Yogya’s lurik
Last but not least, these are not stripes! These are original Yogya’s lurik! Imagine walking around the city with ultra modern shirt, but made from entirely ethnic fabric. Cool!
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Blog by: Dey Fitria
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