As a traveler, Vesta has been exploring diverse places that became popular destinations for many people. Nonetheless, we curious about Vesta’s favorite destination in Indonesia, because what’s better than traveling around our beloved country?

OE      : Recommend three destinations in Indonesia that should be visited by everyone at least once in a lifetime, and why?

V          :

  1. Labuan Bajo Flores: it’s my number one destination in Indonesia because it’s just too pretty to be missed, especially during May-Oct. I’ve been there 11x time and every time I visit this destination I always amazed like I’ve never been there before. The savanna, the sea, the beaches, the underwater, the dragon komodo, the LOB experience, all are not-to-be-missed experiences.
Source: malesbanget
  1. Raja Ampat West Papua: it’s definitely a must-go if you love ocean life. All you have to do is take the LOB (Live on Board) package around the Raja Ampat Islands for a minimum of 7 days. Necessary Spots that you must visit namely Wayag, Pianemo, Arborek, Manta Sandy, Misool & surrounding areas.
Source: scubadiverlife
  1. Bali: if it’s once in a lifetime, then Bali is a-must! Everything is in Bali, complete! Culture, Culinary, Beach, Mountain, Rice, Lake, River, Savanna, Theme Parks, Coffee Shops, Bars, Clubs, and more. Each corner in Bali also offers a different experience. Plus, it’s an easy getaway from the busy Jakarta.
Source: traveltimes-mag

With the recommendation of places in Indonesia from a traveler, those places is definitely a must visit with no doubt. There are still lots of destinations in Indonesia that you need to visit because it is not less interesting and attractive with other overseas places.