If there’s one thing every woman should invest in on their wardrobe, it’s black and white pieces. There are so many reasons why you should have at least one (or two) items in these hues.
01. They goes well with any season 

Arguably, black and white are the two colors that always make a come back whenever the season change. You can pretty much wear them on winter, and summer.
02. They look good on any skin tone

Not like other tricky colors (say, neon, or pastel) black and white is very versatile to any skin tone. From fair to medium, to bronzed and dark, these two colors flatter the wearer, and look just as appealing.
03. They’re easy to style
You can go as wild, or as safe as you want to be. Black and white goes beyond creativity, you can easily style them with anything from patterns, prints, basic, denim, leather, sheer, and with any kind of style, feminine, smart, utility, street, hyped.. anything you can think of.
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