Not only for elderly and used in formal occasions,  you can be used Batik as your daywear. Oemah Etnik has plenty of items of traditional fabric for casual wear. Thus, let’s just hop on to the topic!

  1. Batik Shawl

You don’t have to sew your Batik fabric since you can easily wrap it around your body. This will help you look sophisticated and elegant with a touch of Indonesian culture. Paired it with simple blouse and pants, and you’re set!

  1. Batik Outerwear

Although it might look very formal, you can match it with your casual pants such as culottes, ripped jeans, or any other bottom statement added with sneakers. Click here to shop our outers, because we have tons of choices to pick!

  1. Batik headband

Say no more to bad hair day because Batik headband will help you! You can style the fabric freely as possible.

  1. Batik Modern Top

As time goes by, Batik has developed into a modern piece of clothing for the youngsters. Here in Oemah Etnik, we offer you numbers of modern tops, which adopted from Indonesian cultural heritage. Go click and shop!

  1. Batik Dress

We have dresses to pick, which you can use for your daily wear! A dress can be quite tricky for your casual wear yet you can mix and match with denim or other simple accessories. Don’t forget to use your favorite sneakers as well to complete your look. Click here to shop.