Kalimantan is the Indonesian territory of Borneo that covered with more than 70 percent of the island.

The East part of Kalimantan known as the oldest Hindu Kingdom in Indonesia with plenty of fascinating heritage and archipelago that is authentic, affluent, and artistic.

Here we compile three prodigious fabrics from Kalimantan, which perhaps you haven’t know, yet!

1. Tenun Ikat Dayak or Sintang

Source: PRC Foundation

As for this fabric, Sintang is a woven fabric that has a similar method in terms of the process with other wovens. This woven fabric uses asymmetrical pattern and has a mix elements such as dragon, flower, and human (which called mansia). The dominant colors in Sintang are black, red, and brown.

2. Sasirangan

Source: Sasirangan Kalimantan

Sasirangan is traditional fabric from Banjar, South Kalimantan that derived from “sirang” means tied. It has vibrant and colorful hues as the reflection of Kalimantan characteristic. Sasirangan materials can be crafted from satin, polyester, rayon, and silk.

3. Kain Kebat

Source: Dharmawangsa Art

This fabric considered as luxurious used in greatness ceremonies and usually used by the Dayak Iban people in West Kalimantan. This fabric uses asymmetrical patterns while the motifs adopted from nature such as plants and animals.