The perfect and exotic island in Indonesia for you who like diving, yes, Nusa Tenggara it is. Let’s just go dive into the topic!

Nusa Tenggara has the largest islands named Lombok and Sumbawa. It has different geographical and historical values if compared with other islands in Indonesia.

As for the culture, Nusa Tenggara has unique and extraordinary heritage. With lost of artistic craft we list down some traditional fabrics from Nusa Tenggara.

  1. Gringsing
Source: Desysuar

Originally made from Tenganan in Bali, Gringsing, known as the authentic double ikat technique. It takes days to make one beautiful piece of Gringsing which relatively two to six days. As for the pattern, this fabric inspired and adapted from the long story of Indonesian myth that came from Dewa Indra interest by the night sky, which later he taught women to weave this Gringsing fabric.

  1. Tenun Ikat Sumba
Source: Hannygultom

With all the exquisite and intricate details that Sumba woven fabric own will obviously fascinate all of you! The process of making this beautifully crafted fabric is through blinding the threads, which is why this fabric called Ikat weaving. What makes this woven fabric different from the others is that it takes 2 to 3 months and 3 to 10 people to make one woven fabric. Moreover, this fabric is eco-friendly due to the used material, which is cotton and natural dye.

  1. Tenun Lotis

Similar to Songket weaving, Lotis or Sotis, is a blend of woven fabric with embroidery style. The first stage of making this fabric is coloring the yarn. The craftsmen do two jobs, which are weaving and embroidering. Lotis signature style is the three-dimensional effect of using two methods as the decorative approaches.