The segment of this topic comes to an end. We’re going to show you the undiscovered fabrics from Papua in which it has signature style added with rich values and stories.

We picked two beautifully crafted fabrics from Papua and here they are!

  1. Batik Papua

Source: Batik Papua Shop

Known for its unique motifs, which inspired by culture and nature in Papua, this Batik has bold and vibrant colors. When it comes to motifs, this Batik mostly used panel patterns, Asmat’s motifs, birds of Cendrawasih, and people of Papua. As for the placement, this Batik commonly placed asymmetrically.

There are two types of Papua Batik; Prada and Simple Batik. Prada is batik cloth in each motif varied with gold stripes. Meanwhile, Simple batik is batik that does not use gold lines. Besides, this batik is also available in satin fabric, tissue, and cotton.

  1. Tais

Source: Cdn.thekindcraft

Originally came from East Timor, Tais is a traditional weaving that not only serves as a primary need, clothing. It is a symbol of social status, which can be worn together with shells, gold or silver. Back in the old time, Tais also served as a medium of exchange that has equal value with cattle. Tais have bright colors of flora and fauna. Crocodile and lizard motifs often adorn in Tais cloth.