We are back with an insightful topic to share after the fashion hacks and tips!

Today we are going to tell you about the famous ethnic fashion style that has been talked about since forever, yet, some people still actually misunderstood it.

So what is ethnic fashion? When it all begins? How can you insignificantly tell someone that she/he have an ethnic style? Let’s just jump into it right away.

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First and foremost, ethnic means shares the distinctive heritage and cultural roots in one group. While ethnic fashion refers to a piece that represents and embraces a culture of a specific ethnic group. It can be a media to show and respect the heritage and origin of a group. When you dress up to show your cultures identity and signature style, then you are an ethnic fashion enthusiast.

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The ethnic style arises in the 1990s and becomes the inspiration for the fashion world. Continued in the 1960s and 1970s, ethnic style emerging a prosperous authentic style in fashion without designers intervention.

Nowadays, ethnic style in fashion plays a crucial role in the fashion world since it can influence any other fashion inspirations. If you take a look at the world of fashion, multicultural combinations of modern and traditional take part as the main inspiration in the field.

Pictures Source: Pinterest

Thus, we can see that fashion can be a platform to preserve a traditional heritage and culture without losing the authenticity.

Just like Oemah Etnik, we aim to conserve and perpetuate Indonesian fabrics through contemporary ready-to-wear collections, since we have to treasure and cherish that heritage into our everyday lives.