You might have own or use one, probably more, pieces of Indonesian traditional clothes, fabrics, or even accessories. However, you didn’t acknowledge it, right? And by that, today we’re going to talk about the essential facts that you must or at least aware towards Indonesian fashion, as well as the general information about it. Trust and read, this is the absolute useful!

  • The emerging of fashion in Indonesia started around the 1960s
  • Lots of Indonesian Designers, especially the one that upholds Indonesian characteristic, use Batik, Tenun Ikat, and Songket
Pictures Source: Pinterest
  • The commonly used materials to create beautiful handmade textiles are the natural fiber, cotton, and silk
  • With 300 ethnic groups, Indonesia filled with lots of traditional costumes
  • Jakarta is the fashion city where famous designers are composed and produced
  • Yogyakarta is the center of Batik
Pictures Source: Pinterest
  • The use of traditional clothes mostly on special or formal occasions
  • The men usually wear batik with long pants or Teluk Beskap (Javanese Jacket and Sarong)
  • For women, Kebaya is the most common item that used in formal occasions. It is an embroidery blouse that paired with batik sarong and usually dyed with flower motifs
  • With tropical weather, most clothing styles consider loose, just like the wrap-around sarong

And there you have it, some basic yet essential facts of our country’s fashion that you must (at least) aware.

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