You might have been in a situation where you feel like your outfit is not appropriate for the occasion, trend, or even the weather. Thus, we want to help you to avoid those kinds of situations by giving you some of the worst fashion faux pas that you must obviate and also some tips and trick! Read carefully and you’ll right on the game.

1. Dress appropriately for the weather

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2. Play safe with your style

You can wear something different from your previous and usual style. Go seek your style outside the box!

3. Showing too much skin

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In this case, you must consider the appropriateness of your outfits in every occasion. We mean, you don’t have to show lots of skin parts to look appealing right?

4. Copying someone’s personal style

Be yourself and never copy someone’s look. You see, there is ‘inspired’ word in fashion, but no, not copying. Be creative and be true to your style!

5. Following every trend

Keep in mind that a trend is only a guideline, not something that you must follow especially when it’s not your style or something that you don’t like. Pick a few that make sense and based on your interest

6. Lack of confidence

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No matter what items that you wear, will not look nice without your confidence. People will stare, make it worth their while!

7. Less is more!

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Don’t over wear your accessories and or mixing patterns. Make sure to keep it simple and not too much because it can only destroy your whole look!