It’s now to take over your closet based on this season’s fashion dos with Oemah Etnik items!

Since we always want to be part of your fashion statement, here, we guide you fashion hacks to wear in this month alongside with our tips and trick that you’ll deal with the sunny season.

  1. Wear something loose and flowy
Green Taoran Batik Pants

What is better than comfort clothes on a sunny day? Bear in mind that comfort will be forever your number one priority when it comes to dress-up. Of course, Oemah Etnik has numbers of (extra) loose and flowy items just like Brown Tao Tenun Dress, which you can mix and match with Green Taoran Batik Pants.

  1. Lightweight materials, it’s a must!
Losari Batik Outer & Sigi Batik Culottes

You must understand not only the items but also the weather. In terms of that, you should choose friendly materials when the sun strikes. Click here and see the reference for lightweight materials that OE have!

  1. Stacks with Useful Accessories
Timur Tenun Choker

Use multipurpose accessories to protect you from the sun. Try to use sunglasses or hats, also give a statement with a necklace, bracelet, or Oemah Etnik’s choker.

  1. Bare Your Shoulder
Rasamala Tenun Top

Show off your shoulder with this effortless Rasamala Tenun Top! Added with knot ties on the sleeves that will flourish your whole look.

Stay tuned and Heat up with Oemah Etnik’s fashion hacks!