Today’s post is about knowing your style and preferences of it by realizing your particular interest!

We all know that trends will come and go yet style will remains last forever, right? Here, we will mentor and show you some of the general fashion styles which can help you to acknowledge your style. Be ready to see your real fashion style? Here we go!


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You dress conservatively in a lot of neutral colors such as black, gray, white, navy, and beige. As for the silhouette, you are most likely to use straight and clean cut. You also crave for simple, timeless, and business-like outfits for your everyday look. Focusing on quality and comfort, you are most likely to use blouses, flats, wide-legged trouser, or leather items.


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It is not about wearing pink all the time, but feminine is more into accentuating your body parts and knows how to flaunt it confidently. You are such an accessories person that always tries to put additional accessories into your daily look! Belt, bandana, bow, and a scarf is your go-to mandatory accessories. Moreover, you also like embellishments, floral pattern, and pink to purple hues.


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Less is more and simple is the crucial key to your daily outfits! Your style can identify as the ‘Parisian Chic Style’ with all the basic items that you can elevate it to the next level. As for the fashion items itself, you’re really into sleek, monochrome, and timeless items.


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This style considers similar to artsy style however the bohemian style is more extravagant with all the patterns and embroidery details. Some of the people think that boho style is the hybrid of gypsy and hippie looks. For those who seek into boho style, you must be very hype towards flare and baggy silhouettes.

And that’s that! What’s your fashion style then?