Emphasize your style with your favorite outerwear! Not only can keep you warm this item can save your whole look in any occasion you go. We have some tips for you how to wear your outers edgier than ever.

  1. Show your curve
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By using a sleek belt, obi, or any other accessories that can be knotted up around your waist, you can have more twist in your look! Moreover, you can be creative by using any other creations such as a scarf, left fabrics, or anything that can wrap around your waist. Here we have obi to mix and match with your outer! Shop here.

  1. The Multi-purpose Fanny Pack
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A bit similar to the first tips, yet, this type of bag can carry your things as well as being the statement accessory. Practically stylish, isn’t it?

  1. Put Some Neck Accessories
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Paired it with neck accessories, which we have this choker that can give you an upscale look. Shop here! Note: you can use an actual scarf as well.