Another series is coming tomorrow!

Lifting toned-down hue of red with a bit splash of light colors, here, we present you our recent masterpiece of Batik Lasem which we got it straight from the friendly and pleasant village of Lasem.

Back then, precisely on May, Oemah Etnik team gathered up and settled a trip to Lasem in order to get the original and authentic Batik, which made from our local craftsmen. The trip was beyond satisfying and full of knowledge regarding the Batik itself that we inspired and make us more triggered to create something new and fresh from this beautifully crafted Batik.

Oh, before we show you the items, we always have this eager to make you understand or at least have a little bit insight towards what you wear from all our collections. Hence, we will grant you some explication of what is Batik Lasem and how it all started?

From the 14th to 15th centuries has been the site of immigrants chiefly the Chinese community in Java, which later expands and spread in Indonesia. By that, lots of mixed cultures were born and stand still until now, one of them named Batik Lasem.

The influence of Chinese culture made distinctive colors that own its philosophy and story of Chinese ethnic as well as characteristics that put into well-crafted Batik known as Batik Lasem.

If you found a Batik Lasem with printed or stamped method, then it is not a pure and authentic Batik Lasem.

Prior to the colors, Batik Lasem is familiar with bold and bright colors, mostly in red and or blue. According to the historical background, the red color is similar to the color of chicken’s blood and often called “abang getih pithik”.

There are three motifs that Batik Lasem owns:

– Sekar Jagad (flower motif that scattered)

– Watu Pecah/Kricak (inspired from the Daendels’ road construction project of Anyer-Panarukan, where residents are asked to break the stone into small pieces)

– Latohan (fruit of plants that live on the edge of the sea)

And for this series, we adopted the Sekar Jagad motif to enhance and escalate the femininity with the combination of both toned-down color and light color to create a new impression of appearance just for you!

Since we prioritizing comfort, we chose a relaxed and bit loose silhouette so it can be your go-to clothes whenever you feel like want to wear it.

We segmented the drops for this Lasem Series, which the first one will come in this red-ish color, and the next? Just wait and see!

We always strive for something new and fresh with the tradition and culture of Indonesia. It is why we consistently deliver new features in every collection that we make.

Make sure to check the whole items of Lasem Series and feel the thrill of contemporary and current fashion items that go well with the trend, modernity, and traditional art.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s launch!