As we promised you before in the first article of our Lasem Vol. 1, that you could read the article here, today we will launch another drop of Lasem Batik as the sequel or continuity from the first with another twist to refresh your preferences regarding this Batik sequel.


Along with different color, this new drop comes with a brown hue to reflects the root of heritage and ancient Batik of Indonesia without forgetting the current market with a bit of contemporary vibe.

The silhouette itself, we made it as relaxed as it can and also practical that comfortable to use during your daily attire. The aim is to create clothes that can be your go-to yet effortless in a way.


We also want to create pieces that you can both wear it for a formal and casual outfit. Which, it is also part of our vision and mission as one solid brand.

The pattern for this Lasem Vol. 2 is the same, which is Sekar Jagad, a flourish, and astonishing flowers.


You can see that we design and generate details on some parts of our sleek items to give you a statement and jazzy looks. By wearing Lasem Vol. 1 & Vol. 2, our key is to make you look effortlessly simple, elegance, and sophisticated.

Well, this series is a perfect Lasem for you to own because you can’t get this kind of items elsewhere!


Prior to that, you can go straight to buy and shop like never before by clicking the link here to see the whole items from Lasem Series.

And for those of you who haven’t checked our complete Lasem Series, you can click here to see the whole items.

All and all, this Lasem Series can be your best buddy during this summer season. Have your own Oemah Etnik Lasem Series while it last!