“My dad took me to the driving range, and I started practicing when I was 10. It kinda stucked; everyone knew me as the golfer,” Marcella Pranovia, Indonesian woman golfer, told us the story of how she started her journey. “When I was younger, I told myself I don’t want to do golf anymore. But my dad said, ‘Yeah you do, because it’s gonna open up a lot of doors.’ And he was right.” Cella achived so many wonderful things because of golf, one of them was she got a scholarship to study in America, being part of amazing golf team, met with amazing people, and graduated from school.

Cella is now preparing for tournaments in Asia. Next year, she’s prepared to do another round in Australia. “My day always starts with practicing at 8 and I’ll finish at 1. Everyday. Then I get a day off on Sunday. That one day off I use to do nothing. I’ll be happy just to Netflix and chill.”

When asked what she loves the most about playing golf, she answered, “I like golf cause it’s very challenging. I get to know myself the most when I’m under pressure. I think most sports do that to you. When you’re under pressure, it’s when you know your true self.”

Right now, Cella is like a bird ready to fly away. “I’d like to stay golfing until another door would open up for me because of it. Who knows.”

Aside from golf, Marcella Pranovita is very passionate about feminism, said she’s very big on women empowerement. “My major is General Social Science. I study a lot about sociology and society, so I’m really drawn into societal problem. That’s also one of my bigger dreams in Indonesia to raise awareness how women should be treated. A lot of it has to do with religion I guess, women is below men. But I don’t see it that way. We’re equal; 50:50.”

She gave us an example how there’s still a double standard between men and women, “There’s no absolute equality yet for men and women. For example, it’s harder for women to be the CEO, or the boss. If a woman is a boss and they’re being sturd, people would call them with ‘b’ word, or demanding. But if a guy does the same thing, he’s just being a boss.”

That’s one of many examples of how hard it is for women to flourish just because how society is built. “I guess just pursue your dream like no one can stop you. Literary what you want you can achieve.”