Happy International Women’s Day!

Yesterday we just launched OE x Tokopedia since we always want to elevate something unusual, fresh, and unique for you. In this collaboration, OE used Tenun Tapis Lampung. But before that, it is our pleasure to tell you more insight towards Tenun Tapis Lampung’s origin and values.

Known as the traditional clothing of women in Lampung, Tapis, is a fabric made of cotton yarn and shaped similar to sarong fabric along with additional cotton yarn that decorated with sugi material, silver thread or gold thread with embroidery method.

Thus, Tenun Tapis Lampung is the result of weaving cotton yarns with silver or gold thread, which later transform into the clothing of Lampung tribe.

As for the motifs itself, Tapis Lampung commonly used flora and fauna embroidery with again the gold or silver thread. However, as times goes by, there are many motifs appear such as geometric, asymmetric, or even abstract.

This fabric made by housewives who initially want to fulfill the spare time.

Tapis produced as commodity goods with high economic value.

Visit our official site at Tokopedia, here, and see Tenun Tapis Lampung with our choices of accessories like you’ve never seen it before!