You all know Oemah Etnik offers items that filled with prints and or patterns, so today we will give you some easy tips on how to mix and match your Batik and Tenun patterns to create a one exceptional coordinated.

Oh as for now, we picked three items along with the tips and dos so that you’ll conveniently understand.

  1. Your print is your guidance

For this tips, if you have chosen the right piece of Batik or Tenun pattern and make it as your benchmark towards picking the other items that you must wear.

For instance, if you pick Blue Chelsea Dress, you can choose similar colors (be more monochrome) or try using ombre and gradient colors.

  1. Fun with mismatched colors

If you want to make it more fun and embracing your youthful vibes, try to use complementary colors! Don’t put too many colors since it will ruin your whole look.

Be more subtle and simple if you want to use lots of colors.

  1. Black and white all the way

You can say that neutral colors are boring; yet, you can find it interesting if you mix and match with Batik or Tenun patterns! We surely do have neutral colors of motifs. Go click here and take a look!