One piece, endless styles!


A very much-needed insight chiefly for those of you who seek with efficient and effortless essentials of fashion, here we present you an article about convertible and multiway items!

What is convertible and or multiway clothing? For you who haven’t acknowledged it, it is something that can change its form into different types of goods, which considered as a practical thing for you to own. To make it clear, you can wear more than just one style from one piece of clothing.

And for those of you who are a savvy traveler, this kind of clothing might be your “best friend” during your trip!


Before we start, the idea of making multiway items is that to enhance your creativity in order to style one piece into one another. Apart from that, we also want to make something new since it is lack of multiway Batik clothes in general.

Get ready to fathom these multiway items of clothing. Oh one more thing, mentioned items are from our latest series of Lasem, which you can definitely have it right away!


Thoughtfully designed and ethically made just for you.


First up, this pink hue item that we made in a form of outer called Dusty Benoa Multiway Batik Outer yet it can transform into a top!

As for the back and front side, you can actually create as fun and creative since there is no limitation towards it. By using Lasem Batik as our main material, it can boost your ethnic style yet modern at the same time.

Paired it with jeans or basics and you’ll look astonishing than ever! For your formal events, you can wear pants or a skirt alongside high heels and pieces of jewelry to elevate that fancy and elegant look.

Prior to the styling, mentioned before you can wear it as outer and top with more than just 2-3 styles. Leave it layered or knotted to make it more feminine in a way!


Source: Oemah Etnik & Pinterest



And second up goes to this red skirt that has this flounce with a comfortable fit called Red Sawarna Skirt! As for this one, this skirt comes with red color which very statement and eye-catching. You can choose to show the plain or the motif side as well. What an outstanding way to have two styles on one piece!

In terms of styling, you surely can match it with basics such as tee, tank top, or simple blouse for instance. While enhancing your casual vibe, pair with your favorite sneakers and you’re off to go!

On the other hand, try to be more sleek and formal yet sophisticated with the skirt. You can basically pair it with a similar item as for your casual, but then don’t forget to add with jewelry and high heels.