Surprise, surprise!

We got something new and special for you!

As we promised you before that we always thrive for advancement, here we present our newest drop of accessories and guess what?

Yes, bags it is!

After a well and lengthy process that done wholeheartedly, we offer you this bag in collaboration with Manikan, a local brand from Bali with a desire to create contemporary items which adopted from Balinese beauty culture and tradition.

Inspired by the Bali Island itself, we embrace the wealthiest of culture as well as the nature that consists of the sun and the beach, which you can see from the chosen colors.

Not forgetting our signature item, obi, that we put the hybrid into the bag which you can see from the pictures.

The aim of this collaboration with our dearest partner, Manikan, is to elevate and enhance the cultures and traditions of Indonesia by using Tenun Bali so that people especially the locals can wear it for day-to-day essential. Moreover, it is part of saving our heritage from the ancestors.

As for the types we have a strap bag and tote bag with distinct styles that you can choose. The strap bag comes with three fringes to make it more like a statement bag, while the tote bag comes with obi detail along with the bow and shape. Doesn’t both looks so exquisite?

Grab your favorite now while it lasts! Own your look with the statement bags from OE x Manikan.

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