Before we start, on behalf of Oemah Etnik team we would like to say Happy Independence Day of Indonesia!

Anyway, coming with another topic of editor’s picks, yet we segmented these listed items with the chosen color and yes, as you can see on the title that we adopted brown color because brown considered as one of leading color for this year’s trend.

Not only that, the reason why we chose this color is because we want you to get a perfect pair from our latest Lasem Series that comes with this brown and maroon hues.

But, have you own your pieces of Lasem? If not, then you can simply straight to see it here!

Moreover, brown can be your go-to color since you can pair it easily with any other colors, aren’t you agree?


So let’s jump right into the items and have it right away!


First up is our Jilly Skirt from Rahiti, a collaboration series with Tantri Namirah. Well, you might a little bit confused towards the exact color, right? Although it is not a pure brown color, yet somehow the green tone close to the green hue in a way. Thus, with a jazzy silhouette and pleated details, what’s not to love about it?


Sources: Pinterest & Oemah Etnik

You can pair it with button shirt, blouse, and tank top! A fun way to mix and match this effortless skirt to enhance your style for your day-to-day attire. See the details here and be inspired with the references above!


Second of all is our Ratu Batik Outer from our newest drop, which you can see it here, a sleek outer with simple puff sleeves that you can wear it for you fashion essential endeavor! Pair it with a basic shirt and pants, you’re all set up and ready to go. This outerwear comes with a flower pattern that can elevate your femininity yet edgy at the same time!

Sources: Pinterest & Oemah Etnik

You can also mix and match it with a top that has a similar pattern to it, which is Brown Nusa Batik Top. Own both to get the complete look!


The third is our Mandalika Tenun Top from Timur Series. However, due to the high demand from you all, which we are so grateful towards it, this top currently not available in the nearest time. For those of you who have owned this top, we will give you some references to upscale your style alongside with another pick from our brand new series.

Sources: Pinterest & Oemah Etnik

This top comes with back drapery to give you a statement and sophisticated looks as well as the front details of hang beadings. As from the references, you can use pattern pants such as stripes or maybe checks pattern, neutral colored pants, and denim! Furthermore, play around with color combination such as mix and match it with Brown Ampat Batik Pants. Give the combination of brown color flaunt into your look!


Last is another items from our latest Lasem Series named Tanjung Batik Dress. A sleek, boxy, and airy dress that suitable for you to wear during this summer season. While the pattern still in the mood of flowery, added with a flare accent on the bottom part to construct a flare effect on the dress.

Sources: Pinterest & Oemah Etnik

You can pair it with casual outer just like how we came out with the collage idea which you can see here. And for a formal look, you can wear your high heels followed with jewelry to complete the look!