We can’t avoid when fashioners say that all trends are cyclical since it all came across all over again. Just like this pleated items that showed up back in the street style of fashion week a previous month ago.

Anyway, what is Pleats? When it all started?

So Pleat is a method of fold formed by doubling fabric both surfaces. It all began with the most vanguard population on earth, the Egyptians. As time goes by, pleats have become one of the most statement items in the fashion industry.

With all the flattering, timeless, and versatile that pleats will give in your look, this trend is worth to try!

There are tons of references since we know that this trend is something that people loves, that is why we compile some of our favorites for you to see!


Pictures Source: Pinterest


Pictures Source: Vogue.co.uk


Source: Laia Magazine

With pleats, you can go with the formal look and casual or both at the same time. It is easy to mix and match yet you still look effortless on any occasion you will attend. And for that, Oemah Etnik offers you some range of pleats items that can catch your heart and eye! Nothing beats the combination of ethnicity and pleats detail.


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