In commemoration of National Children’s Day 2018, we collaborated with Attack Batik celebrate the spirit of children in Indonesia with Shibori Class.


The event held on Saturday, 21 July 2018 and located in Childcare Social Institution of Putra Utama 3, Tebet, Jakarta.

Along with the theme of “Berbagi Kasih Kepada Sesama,” this event encourages the children and also all of the visitors to escalate creativity, hard work, and confidence. Through this Shibori workshop, we believe all of the mentioned aspects can achieve as we expected before.


Looking at their enthusiast and creativity throughout the event, chiefly on their participation towards the Shibori workshop, we are more than blessed and grateful with all of the elements and vibes that we put together in the event. What a joyous and pleasant, indeed.

As part of the event itself, Attack Batik also enhance the topic of “Technology with Care” wheres in this global and modern era it is crucial to keep the balance of the emerging technology that followed with intensified responsibilities. Don’t you all agree?


By having this kind of event, we assume that children all around Indonesia have this immense ideas and creativities that can be seen during the workshop. With the helped from committees, we surely can feel the nice friendhood atmosphere and vibes!

It is certainly a day to remember!

We would like to say our gratitude to all of the participants who boost up this event wholeheartedly. Hoping that the solidarity alongside with these children endless excitement and ideas will grow and inspired people around.

Children of today, Leaders for tomorrow.

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See you around! #ElectroluxAttackCare