As most of you know, October is the month where we raise breast cancer awareness. And for that reason, a part of from any purchases of our products will go towards Love Pink Indonesia! An organisation that helps support breast cancer patients and raise awareness. Through their organisation, their goal is to decrease the amount of breast cancer patients and increase the amount of survivors that cares, are conscious, and strong.


Although it’s rare, it’s possible for men to get cancer in their breasts. Hence we should be more conscious as it could occur to both women and men. Due to the arising problem, the third week of October is now established as “Male Breast Cancer Awareness Week”


There are ways to prevent Breast Cancer
1) SADARI (Periksa Payudara Sendiri)
The best time to check is a few days after your menstrual cycle. During your menstrual cycle, the level of your hormones fluctuates that cause changes to your body, resulting the breasts to tighten.


There are a few ways to examine; in front of the mirror, during your showers, or while laying down. For more detailed information you can check out or on YouTube.
One of the most widely used methods is checking in front of the mirror. To carry one with the SADARI examination, stand in front of the mirror and make sure your bare from your hips upwards. Make sure you’re doing this just enough lighting and do the following.
  • Stand with your arms at your side. Observe its shape, size and if there are any changes on the surface area, the colour of your skin, shape of your nipples.

  • Place hands on your waist and press as hard as you can to tighten the muscles in your chest. Observe your chest while looking in the mirror from your left to your right and the other way round.
  • Bend down, observe and touch your chest to check if there are any differences.
  • Link both hands on the back of your head and press inside. Observe your breasts, including the lower region.
  • One breast at a time, check whether there are any liquid that comes out from your nipples. Place your thumb and index finger around your nipples, then press slowly, and observe if there’s liquid coming out.


We will continue to support and bring awareness to this disease. We hope to help raise more awareness through this action and could help others find assurance that there’s always a way.

Written by Gabriela Tjandra