As most of you might know, 2019 is the 10th anniversary of Hari Batik Nasional. 10 years ago on the 2nd of October, 2009, UNESCO acknowledged Batik as ‘budaya tak berbenda’ (intangible heritage). Since 2017, Oemah Etnik has taken this particular time of year to celebrate this momentum. For people who are new to us, here’s a recap of what we did in the past leading to this year.
In the year 2017, we collaborated with Amanda Hartanto Batik and launched a special batik collection that was show-cased through a fashion show in Galeri Indonesia Kaya.
The following year, we celebrated Hari Batik’s 9th year anniversary by launching a new collection called “Rahiti” in collaboration with Tantri Namirah, a fashion influencer. Not only that, we organized a Workshop on the process of making Batik, inviting people from the media, batik enthusiasts and influencers.
Now as of this year, we’re back with an exclusive collection that’s supported by Tokopedia. Not only we launched a new collection but we also embarked on a never seen before; Men Collection! The fabrics we used for this launch used two special techniques! Hand stamped Parang Motive & Abstract Hand Paint. Colours that are dominant on the fabrics include army greens and browns. It gives out an army-camouflage aesthetic that has a unique art value and modernity. We were aiming for modern looks with a traditional twist. With a very limited amount, we want you to have this exclusive pieces! You can find them now in Tokopedia.
Wear your OE pieces proud and celebrate Hari Batik Nasional with us!
Written by Gabriela Tjandra