Oemah Etnik Picks for Your Weekend Outfits

Oemah Etnik Picks for Your Weekend Outfits
02/03/2018 oemah etnik
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TGIF! It’s getting closer to the weekend, have you figured your plans yet for tomorrow? Here we give you some inspirations for your weekend outfits alongside with the references.

  1. Brown Double Tied Obi

Pictures source: Pinterest

This perfect complementary accessory that will be the star in your outfit, Obi, surely can outright in any occasions. Here we give you some precedent on how to wear with your dress or two pieces. Shop here and see other choices of Obi(s)!

  1. Green Vincy Batik Top

Pictures source: Pinterest

It may look simple, yet it has sophisticated vibes with all the knot detail and exclusive Batik pattern. This top can be your formal attire but play it with fun and casual accessories such as the picture above. Give it a try! See and buy the top here.

  1. Rasamala Tenun Top

Pictures source: Pinterest

This functional off-shoulder top that you can wear it for a formal outfit or your go-to day wear! Try to mix and match with accessories that suitable according to the occasion. Play around with your shoes! Use high heels for your formal outfit and use your sneaker for your casual wear. Buy here.

  1. Brown Tao Tenun Dress

Pictures source: Pinterest

Enhance your unique and fun look in this dress by wearing it as your casual outfit. Just look at how fun, effortless, and adorable style on those pictures! Be inspired by our picked references and this dress will sway just as flowy as it looks. Shop here!

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