This is it. The show.

To celebrate the National Batik Day, on October 1st, Oemah Etnik and Amanda Hartanto Batik collaborated with Attack Batik Cleaner to conduct a fashion show entitled “Batik Tanpa Batas”.

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We divided the show into 3 sequences; CHAKRA by Oemah Etnik, SERUNI by Amanda Hartanto Batik, and a special collection for Attack Batik Cleaner.

Why did we choose to team up with Attack? Attack released a new product specialize to wash and to take care batik pieces. They also have the same mission as ours to remind the young generation that batik is no longer an ancient heritage that only suitable for formal and traditional occasions, but can also be worn daily with fashionable and modern style.

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For CHAKRA collection, we develop the pattern to be more delicate and chic, with combination of oceanic color. The silhouette itself ranging from casual to feminine, with comfortable cut and unique details. All collection is now available on our website, also at our online stockist Bobobobo and offline stockist at the New Playground, Lippo Mall Kemang.