Indeed coming up with a new collection takes up a lot of work and effort. However, launching a new series is the next level. We’re up for the challenge! There are plenty of factors to consider and a new target to build, but we’re totally here for it.

For us, launching a new series for men is the ultimate next step, and it’s been on the talks for quite some time now. From the very beginning, we have always focused on women’s apparel and have gotten such great responses. As we’ve built quite a steady empire, we felt that now is a good time for us to expand and grow to other departments.


You might be curious what triggered us on making men’s apparel. As we are running, we started receiving requests from couples to make a matching pairs for their own personal events. These events varied, but among them; pre-wedding photoshoot was very popular.
Hence, the start of this new chapter. We could’ve launched this much sooner, but it was fitting that 2019 marks the 10th year of Batik day and we wanted to make sure that this was the path we’re willing to head to.
Ultimately, our goal for this launch is to please customers who’ve been requesting us make custom pieces and to grow as a brand. This is a new and exciting journey so hold on tight because we have lots to come!
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Written by Gabriela Tjandra
Edited by Nadia Juliana