This week we compiled our favorite styles from Senjakala pieces. In case you haven’t familiar with our collections, Senjakala is the our tenun collection with black and beige as its key color combination. We use Tenun from Desa Tenun Troso, Jepara, to make all the collection.

This style is suitable for a casual hangout to your favorite coffee shop in town. We love how our Merbau tenun pants can give a quick statement to your look.


We understand you busy women’s schedule can be packed in a day that you won’t have time to change your day outfit into an after-hour one. With or Matoa top, worry not, you’ll be able to transform seamlessly from work to hangout.

Lastly is some summer vibes! Thinking of a weekend getaway to the beach? Bring your Rasamala top with you because nothing is better than a sun-kissed shoulder under the sun, right?

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