Another editor’s picks from our recent series named Lasem are here to guide you alongside with the current trends!

But before that, for those of you who haven’t seen our Lasem Series than you should check it first here.

And for those of you who’ve been wondering about the story behind our series and bit knowledge about the batik itself, then you can read our article here.


Now, we will give you three items that you must own it right away from Lasem Series as well as some references. As for that, we chose three occasions for you to wear from day to night attire. So sit back, relaxed, and get inspired!


First is Brunch Date, which happens during the day and we chose, this Dusty Benoa Multiway Batik Outer that you can wear it freely since it is adjustable. Perfect for you who seek multi-way top!

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Set aside the adjustable, this outer can be your best friend during warm to hot weather. Thus, we chose this outer (or top, you name it) during the sunny day. Paired it with simple pants such as jeans or any other casual pants with basic color, statement shoes, and don’t forget your bag to enhance the overall look!

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Oh, you can also play around with your accessories like sunglasses, necklaces, earrings, or bracelets with simple style because for this look we will embrace the simplicity, casual, and easy look.

Well, there you have it a simple look for you to wear on a Brunch Date with your loved ones.


Second is Coffee Break, an afternoon semi-formal break during your busy day. As for this look, we came out with an idea to use your trouser, palazzo pants, or pegged pants to boost the semi-formal vibe into your look.

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You can wear high heels since it is a semi-formal time which you can also use some classic accessories. Just look at the references on how to wear Red Lembongan Batik Top with a twist of a semi-formal style, an edgy look for you to wear in the mid-noon event.

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Lastly is the night event that usually happens for a wedding party. Try to use Red Nusa Basic Top for a formal wedding and embrace the simplicity of a basic top.


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You can wear it with matching pants and a blazer, or layer it with a skit to create a volume silhouette, or maybe tuck in the top under your slim fitted skirt. See, now you can wear basics for a wedding party!

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