It’s raining season and nothing worse than getting stuck in the rain. It is necessary to put comfort first in this season, yet you can still be stylish at the same time. Don’t worry! We will help you get through this.

  1. Opt Something Dark

Make sure to keep dark color just like the picture above (Klo Basic Top from Pekat collectionso that it doesn’t leave a splat of waters in your cloth. Long sleeves top will also help you to cover up from the cold. Click and shop our Pekat and Bramara collection because we have the perfect items for you!

  1. Keep Warm with Your Outers
Kimono Matoa Outer from Senjakala collection.

We have plenty of outers here to protect you from the rain and cold temperature as well. Outer can be used for an emergency rescue as a head cover to protect you from the rain.

  1. Wear Bright Accessories
Tosca Rahiti Choker from Rahiti collection.

You can wear colorful accessories to give a statement look in your dark tone outfit. We suggest you a choker to complete your look! Click here to take a look.

  1. Don’t Get it Wet by Using a Long Bottom
Sigi Batik Culottes paired with Losari Batik Outer from Aruna collection.

Make sure to use bottom above your ankle so that the bottom part of it will not get wet easily. No worries, click and see Sigi Batik Cullote and Green Basic Ruby right away!