To close this month and also as part of your fashion reflection in relevant with the previous articles, here we present you another insight of fashion knowledge, perhaps, your style preference that you must acknowledge and comprehend since early stage.


It is crucial to understand what are the things that suit you the best in terms of fashion. You must fancy your style, your interest, and your main inspirations when it comes to mix and match, so on and so forth.


Vesta (@swankytraveler) in #KartiniOE Brown Larantuka Tenun Outer


That is why we made and present you this sharp and concise article about those discussions above that will helpful for you in the future. Hence, without further ado let’s get started!


Channeling your inner style can be very hard sometimes. Especially for those of you who haven’t really comprehend with those kinds of stuff. It is also crucial in a way since you do not only recognize it yet you have to own your authenticity. Don’t you agree with us?


So here we come out with this topic to help and solve those above case! Let’s get started.


  1. Don’t try to please everybody

Make sure you love what you wear and comfortable about it


In Rahiti Series Tosca Elena Batik Top


  1. Don’t rely on trends, follow what you like

In this case, you must know your interest and keep that on track. You can actually think and wear outside the box with your style but still, wear what you like. It is that simple


  1. Inspirations are limitless

Keep finding a new, fresh, and unique style that you can adopt in your outfits. It doesn’t have a real trend of fashion but it can definitely from anywhere such as people, movies, or any other small stuff


Tantri Namirah (@tantrinamirah) in Rahiti Series Pants


  1. Embrace on something that can become your strength point

As for this one, you can show your favorite parts such as wearing off-shoulder to show more your shoulder on since you head over heels with your skin especially your shoulder part


  1. Say no more to rules

Try to not depends on what you should or shouldn’t do and make sure it is something that you like and you feel good about it


Dey Fitria (@deyfitria) in Timur Series White & Grey Gili Timur Outerwear


  1. Evolve and develop your instinct for creativity

Be outside the box! And always try something new


  1. This statement though: Less Is More

By wearing something subtle and simple to start off everything, you can start with basics which later you can style it to the next level


In Timur Series Grey Natuna One Shoulder Top


  1. Muses or any characters to make you easier

Discover who or what inspires you so that you can create them as your benchmark for fashion styles. Make sure don’t copy but inspired!


  1. You are your own personal stylist

It’s your body, your clothes, your interest, so what’s holding you back? Be creative, be yourself and have some fun


In Timur Series Blue Tenun Choker


  1. Make it matters

All and all, it is necessary for you to bear in mind that maintaining a decent and good looking outfit during your day can be a great start of everything. Note that!


Aquila Firrina (@aquilafirrina) in Chakra Series Grey Lolo Batik


And there you have it, a splendid knowledge for you to acknowledge because who will understand it unless yourself! Brace yourself and keep that all of the mentioned tips. Let’s see how it’ll turn when you implement those tips.

Share it with us and see you in the next article!