Shop Oemah Etnik Items Based on This Year’s Hype Colors

Shop Oemah Etnik Items Based on This Year’s Hype Colors
23/03/2018 oemah etnik
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After Color of The Year by Pantone, our next topic is similar however this color trend is up now for 2018 fashion in general.

With ten colors that loom within this year, which namely Purple, Nile green, Military Green, Light Green, Yellow, Tomato Red, and many more, here we chose the one that never suggests before!

  1. Rapture Rose

Sources: Lanvin – Oscar de la Renta

Embrace your feminine side with rapture rose because pink is the new black! Try to put some pink in your outfit to create a new look of yourselves.

  1. Sky Blue

Sources: Carolina Herrera – Erika Cavallini – Ralph & Russo

This calm and versatile tone that never goes wrong will enhance your overall look! Since blue is one of the ‘friendly’ colors to mix and match with, you can combine it with any other bold colors.

  1. Milk White

Who doesn’t like a white color? We have lots of white items such as White Laila Basic, White Tala Basic Top, even more, the Aruna Collection. A white color is the absolute go-to color!

White Tala Basic Top

  1. Chocolate Brown

Brown is back on track! We have seen lots of brownish color among the runways. That is why we drag you to join the brown color club to flourish your whole look. We have lots of brown color items, here are some of the products that you might want to take a look first.

Go shop and be daring with this year’s color trend!

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