Soft pink is making a comeback!


Considered as one of the leading colors for this year’s trend, here we create eight items, which still reflects and emulates with Oemah Etnik DNA and signature style of soft pink Batik that made from Batik chop.

As you might feel like this color are too girly or not suits you well, you can adjust with neutral colors or make a combo with dark hues such as grey, navy, or burgundy.


We drop four tops, three pants, and one dress with the dominant color of soft pink with a touch of white color. Apart from that, we also have this Purple Tie dye Cello Batik Top for those of you who seek into under-toned colors with a needle of pink and white color as the combination.

This time around, we embark on clothes that easy, relax, and loose for you to wear on a daily basis in order to boost comfortable attire just for you. Moreover, with the kimono-ish silhouette, these items will be your statement essential alongside the dominant pink color that will advance your look!

Inframe: Sindra Top, Cello Top, and Wira Dress.

For the batik itself, we chose batik that made wholeheartedly by the skillful local craftsmen. The treatment for this batik is called Batik chop or stamp. Those who haven’t known Batik chop, you can read our previous article regarding batik in general here. With all of the details and intricacy, here we present you these beautiful pieces, which you can find here.


Today’s pick is the combination of Cello Top and Beige Tie Dye Obi with the timeless white-collar shirt. Just look at how Cello Top and Obi bled together with the shirt underneath!

A feminine look with a bit of quirkiness alongside with statement item, obi because what’s not to love about it!

Paired it with sneakers to create a casual and effortless look or you can wear your favorite heels to create a formal look. Give it a shot!


All and all, this series aims to create an effortless style for you yet you can still look elegant on many occasions that you attend.

We surely will give you styling tips and tricks on the next article, so make sure to stay around with us.

Channeling your inner femininity through these beautiful pieces of pink Batik from us just for you. Oh and wait for our next series in the nearest time. Coming to you right away and happy shopping!