Have you seen our new arrivals a.k.a our ‘blue stamped batik’ collection? If you haven’t, do check it by simply click here and you’ll delight afterward!

But not only that, here, we will give you some inspirations on how to wear three chosen pieces of our new arrivals so that you have a simple and easy benchmark.



First is Blue Celo Kimono with v- neckline and knot detail. This kimono will be your saver since it is very comfortable and easy to use. Moreover, you can use it as an outer or top. Well, here are another tips for you to wear this go-to kimono top!

Here are some suggestions which you can steal their looks for your Blue Celo Kimono:

Pictures Source: Pinterest
  1. Pair it with your favorite denim (jeans or skirt)
  2. One tone color which you can use the Blue Celo Kimono as an outer
  3. Combine it with a mini dress to give a feminine look

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This bodycon fit type of skirt along with pleated details will give your look a statement like no one else!

However, it’s kind of tricky when it comes to full pleated details. You must know that your skirt already gives you a statement so you have to tone down the rest pieces that you will wear.

And this is some inspiration for you to try!

Pictures Source: Pinterest 
  1. Tucked in your top to create a remarkable look
  2. Pair it with oversized outer, always gives layers a room in your outfit
  3. Mix number one and two tips for one whole look and see for yourself!

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And here comes the last piece is our most requested, obi, and we came out with another new pattern that you’ll love!

Our picked inspirations for this is obi is:

Pictures Source: Pinterest
  1. Match it with the same color of your pants
  2. Give your formal look a flaunt with obi on it
  3. Play around your obi as if no one wears it before!

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Own your Blue Stamped Batik pieces and steal their looks!