Back at it again with #Peoplewearoemahetnik!


This segment we cater some of our friends that have been using your items and we couldn’t be more happy and excited about it.

Nonetheless, for today’s #Peoplewearoemahetnik we create different segmentation which based on the hue. As for now, we chose a red to burgundy-ish and also brown since it is the most sought color at the moment.

Meanwhile, we will feature Obi from Lunar Series and Pants from #KartiniOE. And here you go!


  1. Brown Liu Tenun Obi

@Gianciana styled our Liu Tenun Obi during her vacation with a simple tee paired with legging. Just look at how effortless her style is? One accessory can easily flaunt your look in a second. Indeed, this obi will look stand out if you mix and match it with other simple items. Steal her style since it is easy and practical yet timeless in a way.

The second one is an editorial shoot from @alodita that she paired it with a long sleeves grey top. We definitely have a starstruck moment with this woman right here! Just look how gorgeous she is with all of the makeup and other elements that followed. All and all, you can steal her formal look and add with a twist of Indonesian fabric by wearing this Liu Obi.


What’s not to love about Liu Tenun Obi? Buy here or you’ll regret it later!


  1. Black Dili Tenun Pants

Don’t worry about the material! You surely can wear this pant during your holiday. Just look at the pants that paired with white sneakers and simple black top, you will have your best-looking outfit! Furthermore, the material is suitable for our tropic weather. Worry no more!

See how @ameliabigael put the pants with her black off-shoulder top. Simple and statement added with her bandana to boost up her whole look. Another vacation photo with Dili Pants! Steal her look by having your own Dili Pants, right here.


Thank you for sharing with us!

We do hope that you inspired with their looks and make sure to have yours now by clicking the links. Afterward, post your favorite shoot while wearing Oemah Etnik items and don’t forget the hashtag!