Have you got yourself our #KartiniOE series? If not, make sure to go straight by click here and grab some of our favorites!


However, for those of who already have the #KartiniOE items from the collaboration with Vesta a.k.a Swanky Traveler, we will give you some mix and match by herself and of course her preference and signature style.

For this segment, we compose a summer outfit for you to wear during those time. Furthermore, since we inspired by Vesta’s style, of course, we chose the pieces from #KartiniOE x SwankyTraveler which we obsessed so much.

As we know that you all need something comfortable during your trip and we also want Oemah Etnik to be part of your amazing journey throughout your holiday, so these are the first-rate items that we chose just for you. Oh, moreover, Vesta approves!

Withal, the summer holiday is just around the corner so sit back and be inspired by the following looks.


Brown Larantuka Tenun Outer

Pair it with neutral color pants and in this case, Vesta, use beige color. Followed with simple white tees to tone down the overall look and to enhance the outerwear itself. Try this look! It’s very suitable for you to wear on vacation.


Black Dili Tenun Pants

This palazzo Tenun pants will immediately embrace your look to the next level. Vesta paired it with a simple white shirt and statement accessories to complete the whole look. Less is more, don’t you think?


Yellow Derawan Tenun Dress

Try bit femininity to your look with this airy and asymmetrical dress! You can pair it with a belt to complete the look. Or mix and match it with other accessories such as necklace, choker, obi, and your favorite piece of shoe!


See how Tenun can be your go-to clothes for a holiday and flaunt your whole look. You surely can use clothes with Indonesian twist anywhere because it is our heritage to keep and save which align with our aim to be worn proudly.


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