You might get easily distracted with the idea of everything that has discounts, right? Don’t get easily satisfied because we have Pick a Pair and for today’s collection, we adopt from the Timur and Senjakala Series.

‘Pick a Pair’ is more than just a discount! We offer you two items with the best deal because who doesn’t like to get two pieces all at once, don’t you think? Thus, we try to evoke your enthusiast for purchasing Oemah Etnik’s items with this kind of offer.

And for now, we want you to shop this sets of bold colors that can upgrade your look immediately! These simple items with exquisite details and fabrics will elevate your trait of style!

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These paired items will create more ethnic and unique to your look since it has significant pattern and details on the neckline.

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With the color blocking combinations, this set will create a whole new look! You can be playful yet conservative at the same time.