Confused or get bored with your monotone office attire? Or need something fresh for your office attire with a touch of Indonesian culture? Right back at you! We’ll help you with our must-have items in Oemah Etnik.

However, we have seen lots of similar looks in the office. Hence, we want to flourish it with colors! Keep in mind that wearing colors or even color blocking can keep you proper and formal for day-to-day office attire.

Here we grant you three styles with items that we picked from three different series as well. Wait no more; let’s go hop into the looks!

As for the first look, we try to emphasize your femininity through our Hilda Pants with pleats detail along with the purple color. Since it is for your office look, we chose this fitted blazer that comes with baby pink color.

Both combinations of colors and blazer are a genius pairing for you to wear it in the office. Don’t forget to wear matching footwear, and in this case, we picked heels so that the formal vibe will lift the whole look. Doesn’t this look so fine and elegant? Grab your Hilda Pants, here.

For the second look, we appoint Sikka Shirt as your main item. This time we demand to try something out of the box, which a color blocking statement, and yes, a green color is the chosen one!

You might consider it mismatched, however, wait till we show you a bag and shoe that can bolster the total look! Note this: if you want to try color blocking, make sure that it still matches one and other items. For example, we chose this green pants alongside with bag that appears with green color. Although this might be a little tricky, sure you can try this right away! Here, Sikka Shirt for you to own.

The last look is the stunning Kenari Tenun Pants with the splendid Tenun Troso also the batik embossed as the details. Since this pant has a strong appealing, thus we try to keep it simple for the other items. A simple blouse will never go wrong if you paired with motif bottom like Kenari Pants that is why we chose this top so that the pants will be your “star” in the outfit. Make sure to add more accessories to complement your look. A little statement necklace won’t hurt.