Taking Care of your Tenun & Batik

Taking Care of your Tenun & Batik
23/03/2020 oemah etnik
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Got OE’s collection at home?

Have you washed them properly?

If not, here’s a little guide for you to take care of your tenun and batik pieces.


Washing instructions:

–       It’s better to hand-wash than machine wash

–       Always use Attack Batik Care that comes with your package! Avoid strong detergents or brighteners.

–       Separate the darker-colored pieces with lighter-colored pieces.

–       Do not wring or twist the Batik/Tenun to squeeze out the water.



–       Avoid direct sunlight!

–       When you use machine dryer, it should be low heat setting. Do not over dry.



–       Use warm iron setting and iron them when still little damp for best result!


And there you have it! Tips to keep your tenun and batik like brand new.

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